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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 3, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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>> and an update. there's been a stunning development in the death penalty case from texas. we told you about a couple weeks ago. the issue, did texas execute an innocent man in 2004 when cameron todd willingham was put to death for the arson murder of
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his children, a crime he denied to the very end? yesterday, just 48 hours before a texas government panel was to hear testimony that the original arson evidence was deeply flawed, governor rick perry suddenly replaced three of the eight members of the panel with his political allies. the new chairman canceled that hearing. and says he may not look further into this case. perry's democratic opponent said the governor was simply trying to squelch an investigation that might show he sent an innocent man to death, adding, no one in public life should ever be afraid of the truth. and that is our report for tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next. for now, i'm terry moran. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. have a great weekend. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel.
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you know, every day, guillermo, yehya and i drive to and from work in our 2010 buick lacrosse. isn't that right, guys? >> shhhh. >> jimmy: sorry. thanks to buick's signature quiet tuning process, the lacrosse has a "library quiet" interior no matter where you're driving. >> shhh. >> jimmy, you have to be more library quiet. we are trying to read back here. >> jimmy: okay, i'm sorry. >> shhh. >> jimmy: okay. the buick lacrosse is engineered to reduce, block and absorb noise, making it a peaceful escape on the road. >> shhhhhhh! >> jimmy: all right. i'm trying to work here. what are you guys reading anyway? >> we're reading "momma's baby, daddy's maybe." >> jimmy: what? >> we're reading "momma's baby, daddy's maybe." >> jimmy: "momma's baby, daddy's maybe"? >> yeah. >> jimmy: read it to me. >> she really hate sneaking around. in a way, she wants to be found out.
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do you want to go to my apartment? what?! what... need a moment? i thought ou were a believer. someone who wanted to blog about their ideals. i love blogging! chew it over with twix >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- woody harrelson. from "the city," whitney port. and music from shinedown. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's jimmy kimmel live
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and now, don't sweat it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. welcome to the show. i'm jimmy. some disappointing news for america today. i'm sure you've heard. for the first time maybe ever, oprah has failed us. our president barack obama, our first lady michelle obama, and our queen, oprah winfrey -- [ laughter ] -- traveled all the way to denmark to pitch chicago as the host of the olympics in 2016. well, here's who they picked. >> rio de janeiro. wait a minute, why is our
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governor rooting for rio? that is ridiculous. [ laughter ] i have to say, i'm happy for rio. it will be nice to finally see some celebrating in that dreary little town. they say it was the prostitutes that put them over the hump. [ laughter ] actually, it was kind a no-brainer. as the brazilians pointed out in their presentation, rio is mostly known for this. whereas chicago is primarily known for this. and that may have -- [ cheers and applause ] -- tipped the scales in their favor. so now the whole city feels like the cubs. isn't that something? unless i'm mistaken this is the first time anyone has said no to oprah since -- i think since she tried to take obama's pants off at the inaugural ball. she went all the way to copenhagen for nothing. in fact, they finished fourth. and needless to say, she is not happy at all. >> on today's oprah, all new -- we blow up copenhagen!
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boom. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, that's what they get. that's what they get. and if you happen to see a badly bruised stedman in the next few weeks, don't ask any questions. he walked into a door, okay? don't feel too bad, chicago. maybe you don't have the olympics, but you still have fat willie's wood shack. i think that's going to give you a lot more pleasure than watching skinny kenyans run past wrigley field, right? oprah shouldn't feel bad either. she still has the ability to turn things into gold. oprah's dr., dr. oz, has a new tv show that focuses specifically on answering questions about poop. this is the dr. oz show. today, the doctor took his audience into something called the no embarrassment zone. highlighted by this unusual declaration from this woman
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named denise. >> i have this big question this big debate about corn. when i eat corn, it comes out the same way that i've eaten it. >> it does? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] look at how he lights up when they ask about poop. he's absolutely giddy. might be time for dr. oz to have a sit-down with dr. phil and work some things out. some bad news for music fans. kanye west tour with lady gaga has been canceled. i know. they were days away from announcing dates for their tour. but the two camps reportedly weren't getting along. apparently kanye's people were saying things about lady gaga behind her back. finally, she said, hey, say it to the weird cloth stretched across my face. so -- this is big disappointment. especially for those of us who enjoy saying the words kanye and lady gaga in the same sentence. kanye has a plan up his sleeve.
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he's team up with a number of artists for this -- really, i've never seen this sort of thing done before. >> you love his music. now see him live as kanye west embarks on a worldwide tour of other artist's tours. before audiences that came to see other incredible audiences. including taylor swift in chicago. bruce springsteen in boston. sting in seattle. the jonas brothers in miami. the black eyed peas in minneapolis. beyonce in london. many more. kanye west 2009 butt-in-a-palooza. get your tickets today. >> i'm gonna let you finish. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is interesting. i don't mean to boast, but abc, the network that runs this show, has more of what they call upscale viewers. in other words, people who make more than $100,000 a year, than any other network. thank you. [ applause ] so i was thinking that -- can i
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borrow $35 million from somebody? they say wealthy people prefer abc because unlike some networks, we don't take your money, hide it in 1 of 26 briefcases and make you guess where it is. abc has seven of the top 15 shows among upscale viewers. can you believe that? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: you can believe that? you're research supports that? >> yes. >> jimmy: to try to attract more of those people to our show late at night, weevg got a new segment for wine connoisseurs i think you're going to like. >> and now the splendid grape with guillermo. >> oh, hello. and welcome to the splendid grape. i'm guillermo, editor and chief of "vino buff" magazine. today we're going to be tasting a cab better in a sauvignon.
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this is a 2003 vintage. let's taste it. sweet. [ laughter ] that's why i don't like wine. tastes like pee. i don't like wine. >> jimmy: all right, well -- some fine-tuning, but we're going to get it. nicely done, guillermo. if you have a young girl between the ages of fetus and 14, no doubt you have a house full of these american girl dolls. have you seen these? they're dolls little girls go crazy for them. each doll has some kind of characterist characteristic. one's from new york. one wears bell bottoms. they have a new one, a doll
12:18 am
named gwen, that's homeless. it's a homeless doll that lives in the car with her mom because her father abandoned them. that's the story. that's a nice thing to put in a little girl's head. daddy might bolt and leave you to live in the buick, you know? some people like it though. gwen can be yours for $95, which coincidentally happens to be the annual average income for a homeless person. the american girl person says the doll offers valuable lessons about life. they're disheartened to learn there's been any confusion about their characters. i guess that makes sense. how do they explain shareena, the american girl street hooker? which is -- they call her shareena but you can name her anything you want actually. this is -- this you're going to like. there's a show on the bbc called "last chance to see." two guys named steven and mark go to exotic locations in search of animals that are about to be extinct and then they kill them on camera. no, they don't kill them on camera. you're a very dumb group, aren't
12:19 am
you? [ laughter ] they just look at them. on this upcoming episode, steve and mark went to new zealand where they found a very rare, very fat parrot who became extremely comfortable with mark right away. >> clearly only interested in one thing. ooh. ah, look at that. ow. he's got sharp claws. >> do you think he's actually attempting a sort of mating ritual? he is. oh. look, he's so happy. he's really going for it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: a lot of self-control. maybe the reason they're going
12:20 am
extinct is because they're humping human beings heads. all right. on that note, it's friday night. it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc. we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> been together 56 years. we're married 50. we [ bleep ]ed around for six years. >> since we're just going balls to the wall here, i woke up on the floor with a table on top of me and my dog [ bleep ] me. >> the ioc's decision is a kick to the [ bleep ] for the residents of chicago. >> no matter what you're used to, you have to always, always [ bleep ] their face. >> my daughter comes home with stains, pant stains, all kinds of stains. >> [ bleep ] thrower was apparently target the imf chief but missed. >> this is the first time i've ever [ bleep ] a pig. >> please welcome the fantastic wonderful harry [ bleep ] jr.
12:21 am
>> kristin dropped an f-bomb as in [ bleep ]. >> i also wanted to preface my question by saying how much i love my husband. however, he [ bleep ] like a neanderthal. >> ah, that's a good boy, yes. [ applause ] >> jimmy: we have a good show tonight. from "the city" on mtv, whitney port is here. we have music tonight from shinedown. and we'll be right back with woody harrelson, so stick around.
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imagine a world with more birthdays. a world where cancer is scarce. eleven million survivors show the progress we've made
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"the hills," but then, she realized she hated
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all those people. now, she has her own show called "the city." it's currently in its second season on mtv. whitney port is here. also tonight -- a multiplatinum-selling band from jacksonville, florida. this is their latest cd, "the sound of madness." music from shinedown, from the bud light golden wheat stage. next week, our guests include patricia heaton, joel mchale, richard belzer, kelsey grammer, michael moore, the latest victims of "dancing with the stars," and music from kiss, the gossip, the backstreet boys, and motorhead. together, yes? that will be something. this isn't even -- i should say a big, big weekend for our security guard guillermo. why? >> my wife went on vacation. >> jimmy: his wife went on vacation. where did your wife go on vacation? >> she went to mexico. >> jimmy: is there any possibility that she's watching this show right now in mexico? >> no, they don't have cable. >> jimmy: in the whole country our just at the plate she's at?
12:27 am
>> just at the place. >> jimmy: she's staying with relatives there? >> with her grandparents. >> jimmy: you are doing what? >> i'm going to party, drink, have a good time. >> jimmy: okay. you're going to party. you're going to drink. you're going to have a good time. what are you going to drink? >> beer. tequila. >> jimmy: and do you -- no wine? >> no, don't like wine. >> jimmy: yeah. and will you be doing this alone, at your house with the dogs? >> no, with friends. i'm going out. >> jimmy: oh, you're having a party. it's like mom's out of town? >> yes. >> jimmy: i'm going to show her this tape when she gets back. and then we're going to film the beating. our first guest tonight is a great actor. you know him from, among other films, "natural born killers," "the people vs. larry flynt," and "no country for old men." his latest is called "zombieland." please say hello
12:28 am
to woody harrelson. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ how's everything? >> no audible complaints. >> jimmy: i'm doing well. congratulations on getting married. you got married since the last time you were here. [ applause ] >> why does everyone just automatically applaud? why is that -- no, it's great, it's great. >> jimmy: some people are applauding but secretly a part of them is dying on the inside. one of the great things about marriage is you can really appreciate it when your wife goes on vacation. >> oh, yeah, yeah. me and degrguillermo are going . we're going to party like it's 1999. >> jimmy: yeah. [ applause ] it works better.
12:29 am
when the partying is in the past. everything all right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: okay. >> i just -- >> jimmy: looks like you're looking for snipers or something. guillermo's over there. i know it's confusing. >> it's weird. you look bigger on -- well, anyway -- no. >> jimmy: it's from -- it's probably from all the pizza that i put inside me. you eat very, very healthy. i mean, really healthy. like this afternoon you came by. you were eating it looked like -- >> salad. >> jimmy: somebody's garden. is that what they call it? salad. interesting. >> you throw like greens, you know -- >> jimmy: greens? >> some vegetables. >> jimmy: like when bread turns green you mean? >> i'm, like -- we're, like, having a conversation. my hand's -- >> jimmy: next thing you know, you're wetting the bed. it's a trick we play.
12:30 am
whenever guillermo's wife is out of town. but that is -- i mean, you're -- you're serious about -- you don't eat junk at all. right? i mean, you don't eat crap? >> well, i do sometimes. you know, for me, it's more like eating pasta would be eating -- you know, heavy -- i try to eat light, you know what i mean? it's just about -- it's an energetic pursuit. although i am vegan. but it started really -- wanted to have more energy. i'd eat a steak and i wanted to go lay down. i stopped eating steak. everything progressed from there. >> jimmy: now you never lay down at all? it's funny because a lot of people say -- like women when they're pregnant, like, oh, god, i have to have some steak, meat, get protein into my body. i would think you would have more energy from eating meat. you don't think that's the case? huh? >> undeniably not the case. i mean, it's got great pr in its favor, steak does.
12:31 am
but i don't think that when you eat it, it actually energizes you because then you have to -- the protein has to be broken back down into its basic amino acid constituents and then rebuilt into a usable protein. so it's actually -- you know, much more -- takes a lot more energy for the body to process. >> jimmy: so you're saying the reason -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] you're saying the reason i'm so fat is because my body is working so much harder on the inside. >> um, your body's definitely -- it's -- >> jimmy: well, let's just say -- >> it's working overtime. >> jimmy: the results speak for themselves. >> no, you look great, man. >> jimmy: gee, thanks. >> yes. >> jimmy: i'm going to have to try one of those salads and see what's going on there. you -- this new movie, by the way, came out really great.
12:32 am
i don't normally go for any movies with blood and guts and that sort of thing in there. it throws my amino acids totally off. but this is a good one. and it's very funny. and also, you know, kind of a thriller. and directed by a guy who used to be a director here on our show, ruben fleischer. >> i just found that out, that he used to work here. he never told me the whole time -- >> jimmy: i know. must be very proud of his accomplishments. >> it's almost -- i know i brought your name up many times. >> jimmy: i'm pretty sure it's the only job he's ever had before this one and he never mentioned it once. that's unbelievable. >> i think he's out here -- rubrui rub ruben, ruben? come on. okay. >> jimmy: by the way, ruben is always the name of a delicious sandwich you can eat. but he did a really good job in the momvie. i'm guessing he's not come back. >> i got to confess i was a little bit nervous.
12:33 am
even initially the concept of doing a zombie-related movie. then having -- i read the script. the script -- actually, rhett and paul are here, the writers. >> jimmy: we'll see if they're here. >> there's jesse eisenberg, actually in the movie. >> jimmy: how you doing? look at that. some of the crew showed up. >> and rubin's here. he just doesn't want to -- >> jimmy: let's give up on ruben. in fact, i'm glad i fired him. there he is now. all of a sudden. [ applause ] ruben, the green room is 14 feet from the door. how long can it take a person to get in here, ruben? >> i'm very shy. >> jimmy: yes, he's very shy. >> jimmy do you remember when me and guillermo went across country on the road trip to the super bowl? do you remember that?
12:34 am
>> jimmy: roller skating -- i think that's why ruben quit. that may have been the inspiration for "zombieland," huh? it is a little bit of a road trip. >> inspired by guillermo and debby's trip across the country for the super bowl. >> jimmy: please escort ruben back out of the doors, okay? ruben, everybody. see a lot of him on future talk show appearances. that was guillermo's first actual act as a security guard. never done any security before. you play a guy who loves killing zombies and loves eating twinkies. which you -- twinkies are off the list for real, right? >> yeah, i don't really eat twinkies so they had to make up some faux twinkies. >> jimmy: really? how do you make a faux twinkie? >> they were actually delicious. i know cornmeal is like the main thing. they were vegan and delicious and i'm telling you, think it
12:35 am
might spawn a real, you know, healthy twinkie revolution. >> jimmy: really? are you sure they didn't just give you the regular twinkies and say, well, this is -- [ applause ] here's something -- i don't see ruben having faux twinkies made. i really don't. >> no, they were faux. quite certain. and delicious. >> jimmy: and delicious too. >> we can probably get you some of those. >> jimmy: believe me, that's something i could get behind. now, you play -- a guy would kills zombies. we have a clip from the movie. kind of show people what's going on here. do you need to set this up? >> no. >> jimmy: okay, then let's just -- let's just watch it. i know that it's from "zombieland." other than that, i have no idea. >> me neither. >> ooh. [ zombie growling ] ♪ >> come here, big fella. just gonna take a little off the top.
12:36 am
these fellers really let themselves go. >> jimmy: yeah, there's a lot of -- [ applause ] this is -- you made -- how many movies did you make this year? >> well, i did make a number of movies. >> jimmy: a lot of them. >> yeah. i mean, over the last year, i think maybe there's five that haven't come out yet. >> jimmy: wow. >> three this fall. including this one and "the messenger" and "2012." [ applause ] >> jimmy: what is this? >> this is me out. i was actually on the street with my sign. that's how i got so many movies. and that's larry david give meg some money. >> jimmy: yeah that is. he looks slightly disgusted. how much did he give you? >> that was a silver dollar. yeah. >> jimmy: really? [ laughter ]
12:37 am
silver dollar from uncle larry. "zombieland" is in theaters now. we'll be right back with whitney port. applying lip balm over... and over probably isn't giving results you want. introducing neosporin ® lip health™. shown to restore visibly healthier lips in just three days. new neosporin ® lip health™. rethink your lip care.
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>> >> jimmy: hi there, we're back. music still to come from shinedown. after four ssons of "the hills," our next guest got so sick of heidi and spencer, she moved to new york to start her own reality show. it's called "the city." you can gather your bffs to watch its second season on mtv tuesday nights at 10:30. please say hello to whitney port. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you look very beautiful. i like that dress on you. >> do you? >> jimmy: yes, i do. it's very colorful. >> i like color. >> jimmy: is that your own collection? >> it's not. i should be wearing my own collection but i'm not. >> jimmy: well, yeah, i guess you probably should. even you won't wear your own
12:42 am
clothes, then that's a problem. >> i pick and choose. i pick and choose. >> jimmy: i got it. you like to mix things up, right? like how many dresses of your own collection do you have to choose from? >> um, i mean it depends on the season. right now, we have a whole spring collection so i have about like 25 different dresses. >> jimmy: and do you try every dressed on and decides if it looks good on you? >> i have to. that's the only way to do it. i see then constantly so it's like i don't need to wear it every day, you know? like i -- >> jimmy: i know. it's fine. it's okay. i had nothing to do with making this suit. it's somebody else's. >> well, we kind of match with our pink. >> jimmy: this is orange. >> your shirt is clearly baby pink. >> jimmy: oh, my shirt is pink, yes. that's how confident i am in my own masculinity. now, the second season of your show premiered on tuesday. i had all my friends over for coconut martinis and we watched
12:43 am
it. that's right. and -- but you did not like -- you did not like it did you? >> well, i can't say i didn't like it. sometimes i gueet frustrated because i feel like who i am doesn't necessarily shine through, you know? i kind of come off as quiet and shy and a little bit like brain-dead. >> jimmy: you don't wear your own clothes and you don't like your own tv show. unheard of. but you don't -- why do you say you come off as brain-dead? >> i just seem so quiet. i seem like i've hardly anything to say sometimes. like i'm constantly a victim, you know? >> jimmy: and so then can you say to them, hey, i'd like to look -- you know, i'd like you to put some -- >> i can, but do they listen? >> jimmy: oh, they don't listen? >> i have no creative control when it comes to that. >> jimmy: i think that's probably a good thing. the last thing anybody wants to see is someone making themselves look -- >> as good as they can be. >> jimmy: you want the unpleasant moments. you want the funny, like, dumb
12:44 am
things that happen. if you fall, you want to see that in slow motion. >> that has definitely happened. >> jimmy: i think that's probably what people, like, go to that sort of thing to see. >> probably, yeah. they want to see that everyone's human, you know? >> jimmy: what's going on with that girl that you did not like on the last season of the show? >> olivia, the one that i totally bashed last time? >> jimmy: yes. >> um, olivia, what's going on with her? she's not working with me anymore. >> jimmy: you still despise her? >> i can't say despise her. >> jimmy: you hate her? >> hate is a strong word as well. >> jimmy: you wish death on her? >> i just am happy i don't have to see her every day. >> jimmy: the sort of thing where you two butted heads? >> we just never really got along. not everybody's going to be your best friends, you know? >> jimmy: if i was running the show, if i was the producer of the show, i would trap the two of you in an elevator together and leave you there for like 13 weeks.
12:45 am
>> she has someone way worst to deal with. i, you know in confrontation, i will just kind of shut down. so i let her -- i let her be who she is and i don't really stand up to her. but she has a new little co-worker, erin who does not stand for her -- >> jimmy: interesting. now, there needs to be conflict in shows like this. or else it's boring to watch people get along. so do they say, hey, we've got to find somebody -- we've got to put somebody on the show that whitney doesn't like? >> um, you know, i think consciously they tried that. but sometimes it doesn't really work because i am so easy-going that, like, i tend to get along with most people. >> jimmy: you have a new roommate on the show now. >> roxie. roxie's my roommate and co-worker. i see a lot of her. >> jimmy: do you guys get along? >> w do along. >> jimmre d they find like on craig's list? or how does that work? >> she's actually a friend from home. we grew up together. ther
12:46 am
so so yos we had a littl reunion. >> jim aon to come live with you in new york or how does that work? >> i made her did do a little song and dance for me. no, she was just coming to new york and got in touch with me. and so, you know, she did definitely casting tape, i'm sure, because they have to see how she looks on camera. >> jimmy: it's weird and boyfri bri them to you for approval or -- or do you just genuinely meet people -- because you had a boyfriend on the show last year. >> yeah, that time i really, really -- i genuinely met him. i saw him perform. i went up to him. i said, can i buy you a drink? like, i think you're great. and then recently it's been more of setting up. not by the crew but by friends. >> jimmy: so friends will set you up with people. then these people know they're going to be on tv as part of being set up? >> pretty much. >> jimmy: i think inheritly that attracts the wrong kind of
12:47 am
person. >> totally. if you want to do that, you're a little bit crazy. i guess i'm calling myself crazy. >> jimmy: yeah, so really, you're set up with people who may have a flaw just to begin with. >> jimmso what i'm saying is you're probably not to p>> i'm failure. >> say that because c kardashian obviously fell very much in love and met lamar odom and married him 3 1/2 weeks later. >> she got lucky. >> jimmy: just in time for the premiere of her show so yeah, she really -- she really scored there. yeah. [ applause ] would you agree to have your wedding on television? >> never. >> jimmy: you would not? >> never. >> jimmy: you look down on those who do? >> it's just a personal choice. that's just so intimate. >> jimmy: about t honeymoon night? that's a n also? >> that's definitely a no. >> jimmy: okay, all right. i've to feel you out these thi >> maybe birth.
12:48 am
the birth of my child. >> jimmy: tha a beautiful thing. maybe they have to kick that i think, mtv. now, you're in a new apartment in the show. do neighbors get upset about you're doing a show in their building? my neighbors despise me. nd i purposely sometimes ignore the doorbell and the knocking because i know it's this one woman who just cannot stand me. >> jimmy: now, is she incorporated into the show? >> they wish. yeah, we're having a party and the -- one of the producers says after her ranting and raving like, do you mind signing a release and maybe going up and talking to her about it? she's like, are you crazy? she was so mad at me. >> jimmy: what were you doing that made her so mad? >> we just had a bunch of people over. i live in like this quiet neighborhood where basically -- they charge you $350 if you honk the horn. there's a fine. it's like a very quiet neighborhood in new york. which is unheard of. but in this block it's how it
12:49 am
goes. >> jimmy: so you have turned the lives of your neighbors in a re reality show hell. >> since that week, i haven't. i've been really good. she almost brought me to tears because she yelled at me so horribly. she told me she was going to report me to the 11th street precinct or something. i was like, i'm sore, i'm sorry, like that's the last thing i want. >> jimmy: do you see her? is it uncomfortable? >> i saw her recently. she was really nice. maybe she wants to be on the show now. >> jimmy: well, who knows. maybe she does. if she's gonna be on the show, hopefully she'll scream at you. >> she wasn't. >> jimmy: do you know her name? >> i don't know her name. >> jimmy: if the ratings start to sag, start tormenting her. maybe call pizzas in the middle of the night to the apartment. that'ses an fun s aalways fun >> my friend had that happen to her. there was like a stalker. >> jimmy: oh there was a stalker? >> yeah, sending hookers and
12:50 am
pizzas. >> jimmy: hookers and pizzas? that sounds like the greatest business opportunity ever! [ applause ] wow. cleto, let's get on that. well, thank you for coming. whitney port, everybody. "the city" on tuesday nights at 10:30 on mtv. and look for our new business, hookers and pizza, coming to your neighborhood soon. we'll be right back with shinedown. so much real cheese... the j the jimmy kimmel live concert series sponsored by bed light golden wheat. ( beeping, whirring ) ♪ - baking complete! - ( bell dings ) cheez-it®! where do you come up with this stuff? hi, dad! lots and lots of cheese baked into little, little bites. cheez-it®. the big cheese.
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>> jimmy: th >> jimmy: this is their latest cd. it's called "the sound of madness."
12:59 am
from the bud light golden wheat stage with the song "if you only knew" shinedown. ♪ if you only knew i'm hanging by a thread the web i spin for you ♪ ♪ if you only knew i'd sacrifice my beating heart before i'd lose you ♪ ♪ and i still hold on to the letters you returned i swear i've lived and learned ♪ ♪ 'cause it's 4:03 and i can't sleep
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without you next to me i toss and turn like the sea ♪ ♪ if i drown tonight bring me back to life and breathe your breath in me the only thing that i still ♪ ♪ believe in is you if you only knew ♪ ♪ ♪ if you only knew how many times i counted all the words that went wrong ♪ ♪ if you only knew how i refuse to let you go even when you're gone ♪ ♪ i don't regret any days i spent or nights we shared or letters that i sent ♪
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♪ it's 4:03 and i can't sleep without you next to me i toss and turn like the sea ♪ ♪ if i drown tonight bring me back to life breathe your breath in me the only thing that i still ♪ ♪ believe in is you if you only knew ♪ ♪ if you only knew ♪ ♪ i still hold on to the letters you returned
1:02 am
'cause you help me live and learn ♪ ♪ 'cause it's 4:03 and i can't sleep without you next to me i toss and turn like the sea ♪ ♪ if i drown tonight bring me back to life breathe your breath in me the only thing that i still ♪ ♪ believe in if i drown tonight is you bring me back to life ♪ ♪ believe in if i drown tonight is you bring me back to life ♪ ♪ i still believe in you ♪ ♪ if you only knew ♪ [ applause ]
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